Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Stormy Saturday

Hurricane Irene is bearing down on the east coast and has got everyone going crazy. From staring out the window time to time and watching the news, it looks really rough out there. I constantly hear sounds of the rain and the blustering wind. Since i live in the inner coastal plain, its not as bad as other areas. Tons of people from New York to North Carolina are forced to evacuate the area. I cant imagine how intense the storm has hit those areas. Hope everyone is taking cover and staying safe.

This storm has got us stuck indoors, for me im safely tuck in the comforts of my house. Im usually always out and its rare for me to stay home all day. So honestly I dont mind it as much, it gives me an opportunity to catch up on unfinished projects and do neat new things.
I havent touched the oven in a good while and i thought this would be the perfect time to bake some goodness, especially since my younger cousin is celebrating his birthday tomorrow. I decided to stick with strawberry cupcakes because i have tons of strawberries in my fridge waiting to be eaten. I got the recipe online but i tweaked it a bit, instead of milk i used vanilla soymilk. Im sure this substitution made a huge difference in the crust, but in the end is was still really tasty and moist. Instead of making the strawberry icing the recipe advised, i used store bought creamcheese frosting to top the cakes. I didnt have all the ingredients needed for the frosting so i was stuck with the store bought frosting. Next time though
Heres the link to the recipe if your interested STRAWBERRY CAKIES 
 Sweet Strawberries 

I made miniature cupcakes with fun sprinkles to decorate these scrumptious delights. For those who dont know me, when i bake, i usually bake cupcakes. Yes, im nuts about them but I need to break out of the whole cupcake craze and try baking other goods. Maybe cookies or pie, who knows.

Aside from baking and frosting, I did a bit of cleaning, watched half a movie, listened to music, read a bit of Stephin Chbosky's book, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, organized my stuff, and painted. 

To add to my mermaid craze, i painted a mint green tinted hair mermaid. I think my whole fascination with mermaids started with the Disney movie, The Little Mermaid. I fell in love with that movie the first time i watch it as a young girl, and ive always adored that red haired mermaid, Ariel. Anyways with this painting, the mediums i used are acrylic,ink,and spray paint. Since we are currently under the conditions of a hurricane, i named the mermaid, or should i say the siren, Irene. I havent decided on an actual title for this painting but it will come eventually.

Before i end this post, i must share a music video of  The Civil Wars 
I just adore the duo singers, Joy Williams and John Paul White and the connection they have, its hard to believe they arent a couple.

Dance Me To The End Of Love

Much love kiddos. Till next time, take care out there


  1. hey I just stumbled upon your blog! I'm diggin those cupcakes and painting too! I read through you other posts and I like your style!

  2. Those look yummy & lovely artwork as usual Jennypants! I miss you & hope for a little more sunshine for you guys on the eastside!