Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mitchell Grey

Currently listening to Coyoter by Mitchell Grey
What do you get with a short amount of time and limited space for a photoshoot, an unfettered shoot on a big comfy bed (laya's bed)! Last weekend, friends from the band Mitchell Grey had a show in Maryland and before they headed back up north, i got to take a couple of shots which all turned out considerably frivolous, but thats perfectly fine.

some shots with Vincent Lacsamana

These guys individually (Ryan,Napon,Joe, and Matt) are amazingly talented and together they create a heap full of awesomeness! The magnitude of thier talent and skills are evident in thier music. I love these guys and their awe-inspiring tunes. Im excited to see what the near future has in store for them. Please check out their music and support!

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