Friday, September 30, 2011

Scattered Supplies

The other day I wanted to start on a few new projects, mostly paintings.
Now all the creating and designing process is carried out either on my desk or my comfy bed. In attempts to start sketching and what not, I just couldnt get myself to focus on the canvas in front of me, the scatter of art supplies engulfed my desk and practically my whole room. Paint tubes, buttons, lace, brushes, and thread unsightly spread out everywhere. Shame on me, I have not organized my material in a while and 
I have this bad habit of not putting things back where they belong, specifically my art supplies. So before I could start on any projects, I just had to clean up and organize the mess I have collected within the past month. It definitely took some time to separate and disguard but it was therapeutic in a way, I had a chance to clear my head and start fresh. I also realized the great amount of supplies and fabric I have accumulated, I dont know why I still go out and buy art supplies when i have piles and piles of material in my room. So I promised myself to hold back from purchasing material I dont really need and try to utilize all the goods I already have, because I have a horrible tendency of buying items on sale at the fabric store and art store. I must restrain myself! Anyways altogether I feel quit accomplished.

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