Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Crafty Bastard

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Oct 1st marked the 8th year of the Crafty Bastards Arts and Crafts festival. Again it was held at Marie Reeds Learning Center in Adams Morgan. This fun artsy festival is filled with amazing crafty vendors, a huge variety of yummy food, and tons of entertainment. Last year was the first year I attended this festival and I absolutely loved it! I have long awaited for this day to come so the rain and cold weather couldnt really stop me and neither did stop the rest of DMV area, there were tons of people who came out this year. Anyways, I took quite a few shots of the event and the art pieces i utterly adored and here they are below, along with a link to the artist's site...

I so badly want that bowl with the mint green stripes and bycicle

It certainly did rain and pour
 Illustrations by
Elizabeth Graeber
Super heros and stuffed animals

Such a neat idea, turning old books into journals!
 Gosh i want one of these felt creatures hanging on my wall
Horrible Adorables <---- love the name
This adorable boy is quite the sales man, i just had to buy a stamp after his stamp demonstration. I was really impressed, he actually designs most of the stamps
Gioconda Padovan
 The artist, Kristen Rask came all the way from Seattle to share these little stuffed creatures which are undeniably cute
Schmancy Toys 

  Felipe the cool cat accompanied me to DC
Gnomes! ahh gotta love em.
My Paper Crane
Laura Berger's art and illustrations were my favorite pieces at the fest
Laura Berger

    Crafty Bastards held a break dancing competition which was pretty intense, as you can tell from the huge crowd it drew

hope you enjoyed a glimpse of my experience at Crafty Bastards

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  1. How rad!
    It's like an browsing Etsy but in person!
    Glad you had a good time. :)