Thursday, October 27, 2011

D I Y braided headband

 Currently listening to Photographs&Memories by Jason Reeves
Heres a DIY for a quick and easy braided headband. For this headband I decided to use different types of fabric. Using different material gives the hair piece a more interesting texture and overall look. I scoured my fabric boxes for scraps and decided to use lace, lyrca fabric, and tightly woven fabric. If your decide to use different fabric, I suggest you use at least one fabric that is stretchy, like a tshirt. The strips should be at least 40" long and the width is really up to you. The thinner the strips, the thinner your headband will be. I wouldn’t go thinner than about an inch though, the strands get really hard to work with. 
Gather the fabric pieces together and leave about 8" of the fabric out and secure a knot. To make it easier  to braid the fabric, tape the piece onto something (taped the piece onto my bedpost). You can then begin braiding the fabrics together. 
As your braiding, make sure you leave 8" of the fabric unbraided. Then tie another knot to secure the headband. 

And there you have it, your very own handmade braided headband. 
Not only can you use this for a headband, but also a belt, bag handles, necklace, and a bracelet wrap.