Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What time is it?!

Since Halloween is around the corner, i thought it would be quite fitting to have a costume photoshoot. And since my cousins and I are obsessed with Adventure Time, i just had to get a Finn costume. If you dont know what Adventure Time is, then your a loser! Okay that was mean,sorry, but im pretty sure its probably the best cartoon out there.  I searched around Etsy for the hat and backpack but to be honest, it was pretty pricey for a simple head piece. So i made a trip to the local fabric store and picked up lots of felt and whipped up a Finn costume. It really didnt take as long as i thought, printed out a Finn hat pattern online and cut out a basic shape to make the green backpack. Sewed the pieces together and picked up some blue shorts and a blue shirt and viola`! I think my little cousin Jez carries the same attributes as the main character Finn, so it was amusing watching him venture outdoors with the costume..

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