Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Meet My Fambam

The last weekend of October, I spent some quality time with my family at Solomon's Island. We make it an annual tradition to come together as a family to connect and just enjoy each others company. Thankfully most of my relatives live in Maryland, so we see each other often, but it was a good thing to actually take a break from the craziness in life and relax under the same roof.
I just love love love my family to death.  What we have is truly unique and beautiful. Our peerless love and bond is unbreakable and I truly hope and pray that as we get older, our relationship continues to grow. I wouldn't trade anything else in this world for them.

My family is a family of riches--the riches of God's goodness and mercy.
 I tried my best to organized all the festivities that were suppose take place that weekend. Most of the activities planned were outdoor activities but unfortunately the conditions outside left us stuck indoors for most of the trip. However the cold and rainy weather didn't stop the fun. When all of us are together, we somehow always manage to have an enjoyable time, no matter what were doing. 
Had a few friends spend the weeknend with us. thanks Nathan,Josh,and Jenny for gracing us with your presence.
 we played a game of charades, chubby bunny, and spent the rest of the night wrapped up with beautiful music.

After a rainy and cold saturday, the sun greeted us on our last day at Solomons Island, which gave me a chance to take some shots of my beautiful fambam.

 Gabby(youngest cousin) picked up a new instrument that weekend.Its the cutest thing watching her play the ukelele

I found this lovely navy blue dress in the back of a closet along with other vintage dresses that belonged to my grandmother. I just love wearing her clothes, she had the most adorable style.
 To end the trip, we visited my grandmother's grave site to say hello.

These annual family reunions are always planned on my grandmothers birthday week, and its been two years since her death and we miss her dearly. To celebrate and commemorate the life of our amazing Grandmother, we continue to come together as a family and reminisce about her life and reflect on the positive impact she had on all of our lives. I'm sure shes in heaven over joyed to see her children and grandchildren intertwined in love. We praise God for blessing us with such a loving mother, grandmother, and friend.

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  1. Such a sweet post Jenn!
    & I love the photo of you sporting your Lola's dress, so sweet!