Friday, November 4, 2011

Tribal Theme

currently listening to Float  by Erin Mckeown 

Last month I had quite the crafty spree, working with a flood of colorful feathers and plenty of suede. I constructed individual tribal head pieces which were used for a friend's themed birthday party. I know Halloween is over and done with this year but these feathered headbands are such fun pieces, that I would wear em every now and then, well the less extravagant ones of course. Unfortunately for this post I cant put together a tutorial, but i'll post some pictures of the finished pieces, and hopefully  it will set a heap of creative ideas and inspiration.

I'LL leave you guys with a bunch of pictures from Laya's birthday party (L.Event). This party was just not any ordinary birthday party. It was beautifully filled with amazing performances(singing&spoken word), face/body paint, tribal wear, and just wonderful people. I'm sure it was a unforgettable event for everyone.

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