Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It helps to make the seasons bright...

Here are bits and pieces of my busy but wonderful Christmas week
*Went snowboarding the opening day at Wisp with some friends and family, it felt good to finally hit the snow this season.

*Spent some quality time with good friends
*Did hair this whole week,cutting and coloring, making people look fab for the Holidays
*Made 2 batches of Christmas sugar cookies and watched Elf with my cousins
*Finally watched Crazy Stupid Love and I LOVED it!
*Had a scrumptious Christmas breakfast with one of my besties
* Shared stories and laughs
*Took out the paint and thread, and hand crafted some gifts
*Recorded a few favorite Christmas songs
*Wrapped a ton of gifts (my room is still filled with scraps of wrapping paper)
*went to a few Christmas parties
*Stuffed my face with food
* Had a sweet cup of Eggnog =)
*Sang tons of Christmas carols
* Did some last minute Christmas shopping
  *Took two trips to the National Harbor to adore the pretty Christmas lights and decoration.
* Baked some red velvet cupcakes
*Attended candle light service on Christmas Eve
*Played hours of Just Dance on the Kinect, its addicting!
* Exchange gifts and white elephant
*  took tons of pictures, obviously =)
*watched Home Alone 2 and snacked on some Christmas sweets
*set off some good ol sparklers 
* Had an amazing time with family and friends

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  1. I love how the pictures are displayed! Looks like you had a great time! -Ana