Wednesday, January 11, 2012

DIY Teacup Candle


Since ive been using more candles lately, I thought it would be a neat project to make my own candles for once. I purchased this teacup and saucer at a nearby thrift store a while back, for the astounding price of only 60cents. This tiny orange polka dot teacup has been hidden in the corner of my room for a while now, but I couldn't abandon and veil this perfect set any longer. So I turned this teacup into a candle which smells of sweet vanilla. Anyways this DIY is such an easy and affordable project and its the perfect vintage display

Things you'll need
-tea cups
-hot glue gun
-microwavable candle wax

1) Apply a dab of glue in the middle of the bottom of the cup, then immediately stick the wick on top of the glue
2) Then follow the instructions given with the candle wax about how to melt the wax (you can add a scent to the wax once its liquid form)
3) Pour the wax into the tea cup and make sure the wick is straight up
4) Once you poured the right amount into the teacup, wait until the wax has fully dried

And there you have it, a dainty teacup candle, ENJOY!  


  1. cuute! i heart the orange and white polka dots!