Friday, January 27, 2012

Paint your heart away

Just as I listed as one of my goals this year, I want to spend more time painting and drawing, and really be consistent with it. Often times, ideas come to me but I honestly don't do much with these visions, instead I set them aside with the rest of my collection. To release these ideas on an empty canvas and paper is what I hope to do. I thought I should discover and try out new techniques, use different mediums, and allow life's wonders inspire me. So I took a trip to my local craft store and purchased a pack of 4" by 4" tiny flat canvas. With these little blank surfaces, I plan to paint on a canvas every week. Each piece will portray the significance of my week or anything that really inspires me. After a few months I hope to have collected a bunch of tiny paintings/drawing/collages displayed on my wall. I'll try my best to post up my creations every week. For those of you who have a crafty and creative mind, I encourage you to put those skills into practice. Whether it be through art, photography, or music, embrace them. Dont you dare let them run dry, let those creative juices flow. Happy Friday y'all!

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