Thursday, July 2, 2015

Plate doodles

This post is gonna be a short one because this project doesnt require much. For the past couple months Ive collected a couple solid color plates from the thrift store and I wanted to add a little something to give them some character. So I took my ceramic paint markers out and started doodling. I'm crazy about geometric shapes so I connected triangles and came up with this design. 

When it comes to designing plates you can either use ceramic paint markers or just ceramic paint. The paint is usually forgiving, so if you mess up you can easily wipe it off and start again.Once you have finished painting/drawing your design, let them dry, then pop the plates into the oven at 300°  fahrenheit for 30 minutes (or according to your ceramic paint instructions).
Let it cool off and then use it for whatever you want. I've placed my hand painted plates on our coffee table to display. 

Hope you enjoy painting.

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