Thursday, July 28, 2011


I've been excited to share my experience and adventure at Artscape this year. This art festival is held every summer, in the fab city of Baltimore. Artscape is actually the largest free arts festival in America, which last three days and attracts thousands of people around the country. Amazingly, this festival features many fine artists, fashion designers, crafts people, visual art exhibits, photography, sculptures, dance, opera, theater, film, and music. Oh and i forgot to mention, the incredible live concerts and side street performances. Artscape basically has the whole shabang going on! I went last year and had a spectacular time despite the outrageous heat wave. Thank God we were blessed with perfect weather on the day we went this year. Laya and Jernie accompanied me and of course I had my camera by my side to capture the culture of Artscape...
expression across the wall
roaming the cornfields 

my bag skirt

fistful of jokes

found Elysha

Performances & Parades 

The Rabbit Hole
The Rabbit Hole exhibit was like stepping into the playful realm of Alice and Wonderland. The fantasy garden was beautifully filled with whimsy and art instillation  



Crafty Catches
Artscape dedicated an entire section of the festival to hip and talented new wave crafters. I'd have to say this
was my favorite spot, i'm a fanatic about hand crafted designs. So it was a thrill to see an arrangement of crafts and meet a few of the designers. Quite inspiring...

Summer art festivals are always fun, i left with tons of business cards, stickers, a few cutesy pieces, and a pocket full of inspiration. I need to get back to designing and crafting

OH before i end this post...
I am all for supporting local artist, so i want to share some of the admirable artists i came across at the fest.
check em out
 David Plunkert
tasha mckelvey
Jodi HOOver

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