Tuesday, July 26, 2011


My younger cousin Megan celebrated her 15th birthday the other day. I cant believe how fast shes grown, physically and intellectually. She is such a beautiful and loving cousin and i although it can be annoying at times, i really admired her guts, she isnt afraid to speak her mind( I swear, she is a replica of her father). I love her to death!

Happy birthday my love, please dont try to grow up too fast

yupp, she loves me that much

Hair Everywhere
This week i had a couple of clients, here are some pictures...

This is Victoria, ive colored her hair in the past. The last time we bleached her hair then deposited some red but after a few months her hair eventually faded to copper, as red tends to always do. So I redid her roots and slapped on a fiery red that looks perfect on her. I actually stepped out of my box and used a new haircolor product on her,  i used Ion Color Brilliance, this actually had more of an intense color and it made her hair stronger and shiner, plus it smelled like berries. Im sold!

I desperately needed a model for my perm final at school and Deane came to the rescue. Venting out on my opinions on perms...it is quite a long process and a messy one too. Wrapping the hair and using that fetid/ strong solution that ends up stinking the place, i am clearly not a fan. Despite my dislike of perms, Deane's hair turned out fabulous after hours of work. Her hair originally was stick straight and extremely long, after she had a soft beach wave to hair, which is absolutely perfect for the summer.

all done
After a long days at work, we both were beat, so we went to Artisphere which is a block away from my school, grabbed some dinner and some margaritas (yay for happy hour!) Looked around the venue, checked out the art gallery, and i took a few shots of Deane outside the terrace...

much love <3 jenn

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