Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beginnings are the hardest part

     After a couple hours of making a blog, designing, and putting together my profile, it has come to this, the first blog. For the past few years, the thought of creating a blog has always caught my interest. In the past, I've actually created two other blogs but it only went as far as 2-3 postings. Heedlessly i ended up abandoning both blogs. Sitting and daydreaming in class for hours has opened my mind and allowed ideas to flow, but when it actually came to down to sitting in front of my laptop and putting something together, distractions from Facebook have a way of pulling me off the path (how shameful!). I suppose it will be different this time, aspirations of sharing designs and ideas have amplified in the last few months, and its been killing me just keeping all these ideas bottled up. Officially this spot has become a passageway into my life and my thoughts. Alrighty happy blogging begins here...

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