Thursday, July 21, 2011

Merry fields

Saturday, July 9th there was a Indonesian festival held at the National Monument Grounds, DC. The event was set for the world record for the largest Angklung (a musical instrument made of bamboo tubes).  It is said that 5,182 people of various nationalities turned up on Saturday to join in on the world record. Unfortunately i got off work pretty late and i missed out on the opportunity to witness history in the making and missed out on Laya's performance, singing the National anthem in front of thousands of people. Disappointed, i really wanted to capture the marvel on camera but i still got to witness a few performances. The set of performances were pretty random for a culture festival, it was quite a surprise to watch Air Supply perform that evening. You know that one old school soft rock duo parents go crazy for and the songs that everyone ends up singing on karaoke. These are one of the many classic artists i grew up listening to cause its actually my dads fav, so it was quite amusing singing along to the choruses cause those are the only lines i could ever remember. Heres some 
pictures from that Saturday evening, enjoy

The very gorgeous ladies, Sheryl Laya and Pingkan 

Hello there moon

Air Supply, he still has it in him

Jamming on his own

Jordan and Laya

Why do people laugh when i call it " the Pencil"?

good day =)

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