Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Behind the Canvas

In the back of one of my paintings i wanted to add a little something. Its a beautiful mixture of paper, drawings, and nicknacks i found around my room that are carefully placed and tucked behind the canvas //*theres so much more beyond the piece set in front of you.

So I'm currently sipping on some jasmine tea, listening to Carried You by Justin Nozuka, and searching for a new journal on etsy because I just got finished with the last page of my journal. By the way im completely obsessed with paper, anything from stationary to notebooks. Anyways I came across some pretty neat journals...

 After finishing a journal, filling each and every page with words and pictures, a sense of accomplishment is gathered. I started journaling at the age of 14, I write just about everything, things to do, feelings, lyrics, quotes, adventures, goals, prayers, verses, praises, doodles, notes, ideas, and so much more. Its a way to break free of sequential thinking and such a powerful way to accelerate your personal development. Theres just something about writing down your ideas or feelings on paper thats liberating. Yes! i am one of those dorks that keep a journal by my side and whip it out at any place and any time, haha i would even stop in the middle of a busy sidewalk and jot away. Sometimes i look over my old journals and its amazing to see how ive grown as a person, and looking back sets a reminder how God has blessed me through out the years. Reading through the challenges ive experienced and wrote about, I witness how God has carried me through and allowed me to see blessings through adversity. I cant stress enough how important journaling really is, there is a great value. As long as i breath i will write.

my journals complied throughout the years

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  1. So cute Jenn!
    I totally miss journaling, it's been so long for me.

    You've inspired me to get back into it! :)