Friday, August 5, 2011

Glorious Thrift Finds

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Here are some glorious goodies i came across while thrift store shopping..
A detailed humming bird necklace hanging from your neck looks adorable, $2

Red apple necklace for $1.75

Found this Art book in the bottom of an endless pile of books. Ive studied Toulouse Lautrecs's pieces in highschool and i always loved his art work. Anyways this art book was in perfect condition when i found it, is comes with 16 beautiful color prints.  Only 2 bucks!

Arent the colors and pattern on this scarf just perfect. I believe i bought this for $2.50

This is one of my favorite finds, i got lucky with this dress. I just love everything about it. This fitted strapless vintage tube dress is pretty in sugar pink and is beautifully covered with lace trimmings. Bought this for $6 

i never leaving the thrift store empty handed.

Oh speaking of thriftstores, Laya and I had the neatest photoshoot with the cutest couple. Steve and Maricel's big wedding day is approaching, so that means engagement photos! At first it was tough narrowing down a spot for the shoot and then Steve came up with a genius idea.. to shoot at a thrift store! The elements and the idea of a thrift store are serendipitous and lively, which was perfect for Merk and Steve.
This photoshoot had 'adventure' written all over it, twas quite amusing running around the store finding the perfect spots and searching for props. Yupp we sure got people staring left and right, it was definitely distracting at first but after a while we learned to disregard the bright eye stares. Over all this photoshoot was tons of fun and filled with suprises and laughs. 

you two love birds make me smile

isnt she stunning?!

Thanks for allowing me to capture your radiant love on camera, im soo excited for you two! 

Good night <3

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