Thursday, August 25, 2011

Camping Out

Before the summer ends, my family went on a 3 day camping trip to Breezy Point, Maryland. Our camp site was right by the beach and pier. It felt quite lovely walking around barefoot in the sand all day and feeling the sun's rays. Throughout the whole trip, the weather was sunny and breezy which was just perfect,  The area offered plenty of activities, but our family mostly spent the trip fishing and crabbing. We set out numerous fishing poles and cast the rods out into the bay hoping to catch some fishies. The Maryland bay is filled with blue crabs, so we spent a lot of time crabbing as well as fishing. We manage to catch a great amount of those snapping shell fish. Now whats a camping trip without relaxing and just being plain ol lazy? I spent the mornings watching the sun rise and laying out on sand, catching up on some reading and sketches. Taking naps by the beach and feeling the cool summer's breeze is the best feeling. Nights were just as beautiful as the mornings, we stood amazed watching a full red moon rise and gazed at a starry night. We built a bonfire, had some yummy s'mores, and played games and games of banana grams, which is incredibly addicting. Over all we had a wonderful trip spending quality time together...
Gabby does not mind wetting her clothes at all
tackle boxes, blood worms, nets, and fishing rods
Its not as harmful as it looks
Check out the hole Paolo dug out, can you imagine how long it took!?

Sand between our toes
Gobbling down icecream before it melts

Patiently waiting for the fish to start biting

Hope all of you are enjoying the last days of summer

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