Saturday, August 6, 2011

Crafty Cookie

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Alrighty, so since im finishing up school soon, i'll have more time to create and design and get back into the craft business. I have long neglected my etsy, my sewing machine hasn't been used for a while, and i have fabrics and embellishments stacked up on the side of my room. I'll try my best post some designs on a weekly basis and post them up on etsy for sale. Here are two darling pieces i finished recently, enjoy! If you are interested on purchasing on of these items feel free to click on my etsy link. Oh yes, im also free to take some orders =)

                   Sea green vintage collar necklace

This handmade collar necklace adds a delightful hit to an out. The chain itself measures 16" and the collar is 4"

                  Abstract design wrislet pouch

This wrislet pouch is an original Pan&Tea design. Its perfectly patched together with different handcut fabrics and then free hand embroidered with shiny gold thread. This fun pouch is just perfect for carrying cellphones, 
money, creditcards, keys, and your favorite lipgloss. This pouch measures 5"x8" and is made with love <3

Before i end this post, i just want to blab about how Instagram crazy i went just a few minutes ago. Ive been using Instagram since last year of December and i believe ive collected about 300 edited pictures, so it was about time i got these pictures printed. I used Printstagram, the prices are affordable and they have a variety of printing options. I ordered  Instagram mini prints, they are printed on card stock with a matte finish, and it comes with a set of 48 prints for only$12. I also purchased a batch of Instagram stickers, which has 252 little cute sized stickers in two little book. The price for the stickers only cost me $10, cant wait to stick these prints around. This site also offers posters, mini books, and tinybooks, check out their site. For all you Instagram users, its bout time to make those iphone pictures into physical prints!

Last but not least check out the
haha im too much of a kid

Good night
 Have a blessed weekend <3 jenn

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