Friday, August 12, 2011

Spice It Up A Bit

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Wandering through boutiques, you can find the cutest detailed dresses and blouses. However these dainty items can be quite pricey at times. Basically you are paying more for the embellishments, but if your like me and dont feel like spending alot money on detailed clothing, you can add to clothes you already have at home.You can save some mula and get crafty by embellishing your own clothes. Turning simple articles of clothing into some thing fab is easy as can be. You'll need embellishments/ trimmmings, buttons, lace, ribbons, and beads. You can find these items at fabric stores or even thrift stores. Applying some of these adornments require a sewing machine and some you can just hand sew onto your clothes.

Look through your closet and pick out a simple blouse or dress. I decided to spruce up one of my black dresses that i've had for a while. I purchased it at forever21 for $9

I have a ton of embellishments laying around in my room, so narrowing it down, I chose white lace trimming for this dress. I love lace, it adds a lovely feminine touch to anything. So if you decide to use trimmings make sure you have pins to hold them down.

Decide on where you want to place the trimming and start to pin them onto the piece of clothing. Be aware of the placement and make sure its always even, its beneficial to use a measuring stick to keep the placement consistent. I went along and placed the lace on the bottom of the dress, i measured and cut up two pieces of trimming and put one on top of the other.

Use the same color thread as the trimming and carefully sew the appliqué onto the clothing. Remember to double stitch in the beginning and end to secure the stitch

Buttons, buttons, buttons. I wanted to add a little more to the dress so i found some cute buttons that would go well with the black dress. So i did a bit of  hand sewing to latch on these buttons. 

Tada! Simply transformed a plain black dress into something adorable. Unlock your creativity and have fun.

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