Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bowtie Pops

Yesterday we celebrated Valentines day in my Awana class, which is a children's ministry at my church for those of you who dont know. In my class, I have a good group of cheerful and energetic 3 & 4 year old kiddos, who by the way never cease to make me smile. It really is a beautiful thing to see these precious kids give their attention to God's Word and understand His amazing love. You may think these kids are too young to comprehend anything, but they honestly soak in what they hear, and I've observed them practice love through their actions. Its a joy to guide these kiddos in the path towards Christ and witness them grow throughout the months.

So to make the day festive, I put together some goodie bags for each kid in my class. The bags were filled to the rim with a bunch of goodies and surprises. Target had a bunch of  sweet and cheap stuff for Heart day, I had to restrain myself from buying too much cause I wanted it all! Anyways I purchased a bag of simple heart lollipops and made them more appealing by dressing those suckers up with bowties and smiles.
These bowtie pops are perfect for kids and are so easy to put together. Just cut out bowtie shapes from colored paper and use a hot glue to stick em in the bottom of each heart. Dont forget to give these pops some eyes and smiles, oh ya and probably a nose. Hope you guys like the idea and try it out for yourselves!


  1. You warm my heart Jenn! This is so precious!BTW I love how your re-vamped ur blog :D

  2. So sweet!
    Amazing to see the tender hearts of youngs ones respond to His love.
    They are blessed to have you in their lives! :)