Sunday, February 12, 2012

Last weekend went to 930 club in DC to see Augustana live for the first time. Let me start off saying that its always a great experience seeing shows at 930. Its the perfect size for a venue, its big enough to have a nice crowd, but small enough for that intimate feeling, its an all around great venue!
So these three young talented girls you see up there^ call themselves Say Chance. With just an acoustic guitar and 2 voices, they did a wonderful job opening up for Augustana. I checked out a few of their videos the day before the show and I immediately loved their style and original songs. Unfortunately there were a few technical difficulties with the mic but despite that problem, they managed to still deliver a beautiful show. 

Well just wanted to share these lovely voices with ya guys. I have to keep this short cause I have to head out soon but over all show was unbelievable, especially seeing Graffiti6 perform. Here are a few other pictures from that night.


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