Thursday, February 2, 2012

currently listening to telescope eyes by Eisley
Im beginning to think that snow isn't coming our way this year by the looks of it outside. The weathers been awfully confusing, ya it sure is winter but the temperature says otherwise. Lately its been 50-60 degrees outside, pretty perfect weather and I really don't mind, especially since I'm not a fan of cold weather.
But for some reason I was really looking forward for snow this year, or even a blizzard. Usually I don't get all hyped up about the flurries and the snow storms but the idea of being snowed in with the people you love, relaxing, and watching movies makes me smile. Well who knows, the weathers been extremely unpredictable so who am I to say that there wont be snow this year. Anyways let me stop blabbing about the weather and greet y'all, Happy February guys! Hope you all had a fun and productive January cause I sure did. My January consisted of working, reading, and creating stuff. I've been designing a heap load of goodies and im super excited to share them with ya. A whole lot of crafting has been going on as well and this month I'll be sure to post up a few DIYs, which will mostly consist of Valentine crafts, so stay tuned! To end this post, I wanna feature a  few of my favorite Valentine items from etsy, and here they are..

For all you couples, I thought this was pretty funny, dual valentine gloves

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