Thursday, February 2, 2012

A sleeve stamp

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After finishing a hot cup of morning joe from Starbucks, you eventually toss out the cup along with the coffee sleeve. Well the next time you buy yourself a cup of coffee, you may want to rethink about tossing out that cardboard sleeve. 
A few days ago I took a trip to Starbucks to grab an americano, after downing this cup of goodness, I ripped apart the sleeve out of boredom. Immediately I thought the ridges inside of the sleeve would be a perfect stamp, especially since I'm a sucker for lines and patterns. Tried it out and I loved the results the ridges on the sleeve make. So the next time you grab some coffee, save the sleeve and try it out yourself! Its super duper easy and this stamp would be perfect for other paper projects. I put together a simple tutorial for you guys..

 Take a coffee sleeve and rip the ends apart and decide on what shape you'd want to cut out.
 Once you cut out the shape you desire, glue something on back of the piece to be used as a knob. I used a hot glue gun to glue one of my tiny thread spools on back of the piece, and it worked perfectly. 

Place some ink or paint on a plate and gently place your stamp on the ink. You might want to test the stamp on a piece of paper before you stamp it onto the actual paper you want for the pattern.

There ya have it, easy as can be. The results look pretty awesome, especially if you stamp the pattern on top of each other. Hope you have fun with this tutorial!

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