Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My makeup

So for once, lets talk about makeup...

As much as I adore looking at makeup tutorial and fashion photos, I really don't experiment much on myself with makeup. I know change is always good and admire girls who can rock all the fun eyeshadow colors everyday, but I really like to keep my makeup simple and natural. There's only a few makeup products I use on the daily and I swear by the quality of these products. First product is Clinique's Even Better Makeup, trust me when I say this, I will never ever use another foundation as long as I live! This product has great coverage and blends in perfect with my skin. I can never get over how lightweight and silky its feels on my skin, sometimes I forget I'm even wearing foundation at times. This is probably the most expensive product I use on my face, but it is worth every single penny. Second makeup product I gotta rant about is CoverGirl's Lash Blast, most of you lovely ladies use this product because its probably one of the best mascaras out there. It really works wonders and gives you that vavavoom feel, long and thick lashes. This mascara definitely lived up to its statements by volumizing each and every lash. You will not be disappointed! Last but not least my favorite eyeliner, Loreal's Liquid Eyeliner. Ever since I was 15 I used eyeliner and I've learned that nothing can ever match this product. To make my eyes brighter and bigger I like to line the top of my eyes with liquid liner and sometimes pull off the cat-eye look. No doubt its long-lasting and easy to use. The sponge-tipped pen allows you to create fine or thick lines with precision. This product is my most beloved makeup item, I never leave this baby behind. There ya have it, my 3 most used makeup products. What makeup products do you love?

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