Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fashion galore

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Brace yourselves, your in for an array of photo, a  profuse amount of photos I should say...
So a few weeks ago I had the pleasure of working with the very talented ladies from Parlour Salon, U street, Dc. I got to capture the beauty of hair, makeup, and clothes with my little cambam. After hours of prepping we headed out on the streets of  DC to scout out for some neat backdrops to complement each outfit. Running around U street taking pictures, I was just so fascinated how all the streets were covered with so many unique and interesting elements. I would love love love to do another shoot on these streets, probably when it gets warmer, hopefully soon! Okay back to fashion aspect of the all throughout the afternoon these gorgeous ladies got to pose and flaunt different styles. I was completely smitten by every outfit in this shoot, oh how I wish I had them all to myself! Overall it was a versatile fashion shoot,  from the timeless classic look to the urban street style, each and every look was exceptionally trendy and bold. Bravo to all the stylist who made these girls look fab from head to toe, they truly pieced together a work of art. Scroll down and see for yourself...enjoy!

Hair Stylist: Maricel Yalung. Abbey Castellano. Quarita Futrell
Makeup Artist: Kelley Unthank
Clothes from Dr. K Vintage

 Before the photoshoot