Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tootsie Roll

 First day of March greeted us with such glorious weather. Its was perfect enough to roam around Alexandria and celebrate a birthday. And that is exactly what we did, spent the delightful afternoon celebrating another year in my lovely little cousin, Ruthie's life. If you haven't noticed, her pretty face is seen in most of my photos on my blog. She's my little sunshine, more of a little sister than a cousin, and the best companion. I'm so amazed at how she has grown into such a beautiful young lady. Not only does beauty radiate from the outside but her beauty gracefully glows from the inside. Such a kind spirited, selfless, intelligent, talented, and wise young lady. Sometimes I really forget how young she is. Anyhow, here is to another year Tootsie, hope you had a unforgettable birthday. most importantly I pray you continue to draw closer to our heavenly father and that you continue to bless others with the talents God has blessed you with. LOVE YOU to death!


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