Saturday, March 10, 2012

Unavoidable cloudy days

Well hello hello hello. Its been a while since I logged on my blog and I truly apologize for not keeping up with my posts. I've been caught up with the busyness of life and its seems like it will never ever let me go. But there is no excuses, if you are ambitious about something you will always make the time. Right?! Well here is the honest  truth, I've had numerous attempts of blogging but there is always that something that hinders me, that awful brick wall is harder to knock down than I expected. I'd find myself in front of my laptop forcing myself to come up with something to post and nothing seems to flow. Even painting and designing has become lifeless and dry. Running into creative blocks happen to me quite often and I hate it! I wish the creative juices continually flow with verve, but then again over coming these nasty blocks are necessary for growth. So with that being admitted, I'm over this block.

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