Monday, June 8, 2015


 We decided to do a last minute photoshoot before for our wedding day so I could have something to display around the reception area. I was tied between going digital or film, of course digital is always the safest way to go. As for film the results are concealed and unseen until the film is developed, so its always a suprise. For this very reason I was skeptic about it, especially due to the fact that we were pressed for time. But I'm so glad we went on a limb and picked film. We ask one of our friends, Llyod Foster to take a couple shots in the city.  By the way, Lloyd is such a talented photographer who artfully captures life and people with his fim camera. We recieved the photos after the weekend and I was thoroughly pleased with the raw photos. I totally dig the cool color tint and the slight graininess. With all this to say, go film! 

Location Georgetown, DC
April, 2015
Engagement photoshoot taken by Llyod Foster

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