Monday, June 22, 2015

Succulent parade

Here are two ways you can display your lush succulents. These dainty arrangements could be used for your home or you can even give them as a gift; and they do make a lovely gift. Below are quick and easy instructions and photos to recreate this planter. 

You will need: 
-stones or pebbles
- a pot or a planter
(I used a tin box that was originally used for holding recipes)
(your choice of colors)
(I used floral foam because it was the only foam I could find in my house)
-2 skewers or 2 wooden dowels 

First cut your yarn and decide on how much you want to use. I cut 8" for each piece of yarn and of course you can decide on how long or how short you want the pieces to be.

Grab your foam, string, your skewers or dowels. Place your foam next to your planter and measure how long you want the banner to be. Once you figured out measurements place your dowels on each side of the foam. Then take your string and tie it on each end of the dowel ( make sure the string is tight enough).

Once your done with that, take your yarn and start attaching it on your string by doing a larks head knot (<--here are instructions on how to create this knot). Decide on the placement of yarn colors, my placement of yarn was pretty random. 

I used about 18 strands of yarn for my garland.

Take your succulents and replant them into your pot or planter and arrange them to your liking. Once your done replanting your succulents place the stones or pebbles all around the succulents.

Once your done replanting the succulents and you've placed the stones all around, take the garland and push the dowels on opposite ends of the planter, and your all done!

Here is another way to display your succulents, replant them into your cute little teacups! Super duper easy

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