Tuesday, July 26, 2011

With Kaleidoscopic Eyes

Two Sundays ago (July 16), I had the opportunity to work with some of the talented ladies from Platform (Q, Karen, & Ny). They are a professional hair design and make-up team who specialize in film, editorial, runway, and special occasions. 
 So the theme we set out for was an array of whimsical creatures, mermaids, nymphs, fairies, and whatnot. Of course the main focus was on the hair and make-up, there were tons of fancy waves, extensions, and vibrant colors involved. For one of the girls, we pictured an artful conception of a kaleidoscopic design. We decided to do body art from head to toe. The was no actual outline in mind when it came to the design, we went straight in with paint and ink. My friend Laya helped me out big time with painting, i really dont know what i would do without her. Both of us incorporated reciprocal texture, swirly lines, organic shapes, and vibrant colors. All the lines and swirls came together perfectly to create a splashy and vivid piece.It was actually my first time doing all over body art and i would have to say it took us about 2 hours to finish. At the end, the girls all looked absolutely amazing. I wasn't able to take some shots at the location of the actual photoshoot but a took a few pictures from the setup. 
Here are some behind the scene shots...

shot of Layas hands, i practiced painting on her arms before we started the actual body paint. we sure got paint all over us

karen doing make up

Ny(stylist) is working on Sam who personifies a Mermaid 

I added a few textural designs on the side of her body to represent scales 

Andrea was our canvas for the day

Laya painted the back of he body

covered her in paint

a closeup on the painting 

upperbody cloaked in paint and ink


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