Monday, August 15, 2011

Bestie cakes

Before the night ends, i just want to dedicate a post to one of my close friends. Ivy Orlina is her name and today marks her 22nd birthday. Happy happy happy Birthday my dear luv. Oh how i wish i was there to celebrate with you! We are in complete opposite sides of the country, she resides in the beautiful Californ-na-yay, and I, in Maryland, but despite the long stretched distance between us, we still manage to stay close friends. We dont see each other as much or even talk as often, due to the busyness of life, but when we do, we always manage to pick up where we left off. Ive known Ivy since I was 8, she lived in Maryland for a short amount of time and then she moved to Spain with her family. After she left Maryland, we lost complete contact, after a number of years living in Spain, she then moved to San Diego. And its ironic how we crossed paths again, just thinking about it, its just bizarre how things came together. I really dont know what I'd do with out you! Im so very blessed to have you in my life, thanks for being such an amazing sister! I love you! Hope you have an unforgettable birthday, oh yah, dont forget... we have yet to visit Spain together for one of our birthdays

Currently listening to Gibberish by Rylan Lesie
cause it will forever remind me of the summer of 2009

We had a small photosesh in Balboa, SD last year. I just adore these pictures of Ivy, she's such a beaut! 

Again, Happy Birthday luv! Cant wait to see you again and cant wait till we go on our amazing adventures together!


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  1. soo cute. :) and you WOULD have beautiful friends. because YOU'RE beautiful! super awesome bloggie jen! i love you & miss you <3