Friday, August 19, 2011

The Greatest Show On Earth

Listening to MansardRoof by Vampire Weekend

Water For Elephants, is one of the books Im currently reading. Each page is filled with vivid details and richness, this book verily opens the doors to a world of fantasy- the Circus World. I am absolutely smitten by the 20th century circus and fairground lore. I looked up and gazed upon some circus pictures, the beauty and nostalgia is captivating, the amazing outfits and costumes, the obscure sights, animals big and small, and the  striking patterns. Here are some of the pictures I found

  The Circus theme can be interpreted for any composition through the colors and patterns.
Actually one of my favorite Pan&Tea original tote designs is sprinkled with a circus motif. Its mixed with stripes, floral, and polka dots, and charmingly displays the boldness of  primary colors. Its currently on sale on My Etsy ,check it out! 

width- 13"x15"
length- 18"
handles- 11'" tall

Bold and fun prints 

magnetic snap on button to secure your stuff 

 The inner lining is a cute floral gray and white design, oh yah, 
this bag is also reversible.

I was also inspired by the circus theme a while back and painted this piece you see below. Its filled with playful and fanciful shapes and colors. I used acrylic to paint the background and the organic shapes, then i used ink to rumply trace around the figures. Cut out vintage picture of a little girl and modge podged it and added a little stache.
14"x 11"

A Trail Into Adolescence 

Alright beautiful people thats all for now
Im off and on my way out
Toodles <3 Jenn

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  1. Read that book last year // it's a great story. :)
    & Cute bag!